Construction Manager


Our advantage as a Construction Manager is that we manage with the knowledge of a builder.

This puts us into the qualified position to better anticipate project and construction challenges. Resulting in our ability to better watch out for the owner’s best interest, from pre-construction to project closeout. Our experience also gives us the understanding of what each project team member is; which, allows us to bring the critical parties together to accomplish the goals of the clients. 

Construction Management is the management of the project process which is adjusted based on the project delivery system. Depending on your requirements, services may include:


*       Project team coordination  


*       Releasing construction packages  to ensure competitive prices


*       Project oversight


*       Owner’s Representation


*       Cost Control


*       Schedule analysis and evaluation


*       Quality Control


*       Closeout and document turnover


*       Transition to occupancy


*       Post-occupancy evaluation





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